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Inspect Fire Extinguishers

Completed Aug 2022

All of the Inn's fire extinguishers have expired inspection stickers. Need to have someone inspect them in order to comply with local code. This represents a significant fire hazard and insurance risk.

Boiler Room


The ceiling in the boiler room was modified during Unit 101 rennovation. The ceiling is no longer to code and represents a significant fire hazard and insurance risk.

Window insulation and trim in Lobby

The window facing the post office needs trim and insulation (was incomplete) in order to keep the heating bill down in the winter and the cooling bill down in the summer.

Completed June 2022

Remove Black Iron Fencing

Remove the black iron fencing that exists between our side walk and Hotel Alley.

Completed June 2022

Repave Parking Lot

Completed June 2022

The inner parking lot is in need of repair/replace. It has reached its end of life and is now an insurance liability.

Steam Clean Hallway / Stairs Carpet

The carpet has not been cleaned since it was installed in 2011 (to the best of my knowledge).

Completed June 2022

Brick Pointing


The bricks (especially in the front) are in need of maintenance. There are large gaps between bricks and in addition to structure integrity it is the main reason for the amount of wasps on the deck.

Replace Main Roof


The roof is starting to show its age and will need to be replaced in the next few years.

Outside Door to Ski Locker

The frame around the door and the door itself is starting to corrode. The latch is being held together with duct tape. This door will need to be repaired or replaced.


Push Bar Door To Lobby

The mechanical push buttons are wearing causing issues. We may need to replace the entire door.


Seal Deck


The deck still needs to be sealed to protect and to increase longevity.

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