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The Town of Ellicottville was formed on 13-April-1820 and incorporated on 1-April-1837. Since 1822 there has always been a hotel at the current site of the Ellicottville Inn Condominiums. Take a journey below and discover the 200 years of history associated with this location.

Map of Early Ellicottville 1869 close up.jpg

1818 to 1880

In 1818 Lot 40 was purchased by Dr. Alson Leavenworth from The Holland Land Company. Four years later in 1822 he built a hotel which later became the Exchange Hotel. In 1862 Amos Pettit purchased the Exchange hotel but sold it in 1868 to open a grocery store on the south side of Washington Street.

1880 to 1890

In 1882 Burt J. Crawford purchased the hotel and renamed it The Crawford House. Unfortunately on 11-May-1890 this wood structure burned down along with most buildings along that side Washington Street. He immediately rebuilt a fine brick hotel (Hotel Crawford), which was conceded to be one of the handsomest structures and the best appointed hostelries in Cattaraugus county. This structure is what exists today.

Hotel Crawford.jpg

1890 to 1900

In 1893 Burt J. Crawford exchanged his hotel for Hotel Carlton on Exchange Street in Buffalo. Thomas Fenton purchased the hotel and renamed it Hotel Fenton. The photograph to the left is from the Ellicottville Historical Society and dates Hotel Fenton to 1898.

1900 to 1920

Sometime in the early 1900's the hotel exchanged hands and became Hotel McKinzie (photo to the right). Sometime around 1920 Charles Webb purchased the hotel and renamed it Hotel Ellicott.

Hotel McKinzie_edited.jpg
Ebay Photo of Hotel Lincoln 1920.jpeg

1920 to 1960

Sometime in the early 1920's Mrs. Mae Weller (formerly Stokes) became owner of the hotel and renamed it Hotel Lincoln (photo to the left was taken by Hauser Bob Photography). In 1955 Mrs. Weller passed away and Hotel Lincoln was sold to interest in the Buffalo, NY area.

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