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A Unique Experience in the Heart of Ellicottville

Despite the burning of the Fenton House in 1895, Thomas Fenton continued on in the hotel business. The 1900 Federal census shows Thomas Fenton and his wife on Washington Street in Ellicottville (Cattaraugus County, New York). Thomas was listed as a hotel keeper. His brother Timothy was in the same household with the occupation of hotel bartender. Four servants and four boarders are also listed, including Ashley Ditcher. The photograph to the left is from the Ellicottville Historical Society and dates the Hotel Fenton to 1898. The Ellicottville Post Newspaper dated August 15, 1900 mentions that "Landlord Thomas Fenton of Ellicottville has completed extensive changes and improvements in his hotel and has changed the name from Hotel Crawford to Hotel Fenton." This brick structure was known successively later as the Hotel McKenzie, Hotel Ellicott, the Lincoln Hotel, the Ellicottville Inn and starting in 2010 operates under Ellicottville Inn Condominiums at 8-10 Washington Street.